Managing bodies of the Institution are the Governing Board, Director, and the Expert Head of the Institution.

The Governing Board manages the Institution and enacts all the important documents and decisions on management. It consists of five members appointed by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, and decides on management on its sessions.

Members of the Governing Board of the Kornati National Park Public Institution are:

  1. Goran Pauk - chairmen
  2. Anita Babačić  Ajduk
  3. Julia Ježina,
  4. Mario Raič,
  5. Braslav Markov


The task of the Institution is protection, maintenance and promotion of the National Park in order to protect and conserve the authenticity of the natural environment; to ensure an undisturbed progress of natural processes and sustainable use of natural resources as well as monitoring the implementation of requirements and measures of nature conservation in the area they manage, in accordance with law.

The Institution is established as a legal entity.

Internal organizational units are established within the Institution in order to deal with certain interconnected tasks as well as with general, technical and auxiliary tasks of larger extent, whose performance requires both a certain degree of independence and a mutual relationship.